You can coalesce the data into information and intelligence that (may) become another piece of information and captured it its own right but you do NOT update the ‘truth’ data element. Yes, I know-take two aspirin and think it through… it will hurt the gray matter. It’s easier to chase the IT than get a handle on the data, which is why we go that route. But we have to start. Technology is always changing and so you have to keep up with it. In this article I suggest six effective ways you can improve your technology skills. Read on to find out.

Improve your typing speed Time yourself initially and see how many words you can type per minute. By and by try to type more per minute. Practice a little every day and you will get better and better at it. Teach yourself how to pick up good stuff from the internet When you come across something that interests you over the web, use your rational logic and ask yourself, “Is this going to help or hurt me?”

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