To take it much further, and a bit closer to the cutting edge of technology, is your investment process inclusive of information available in the public domain? How valuable would it be for you to know that one of the portfolio managers in your largest hedge fund investment likes to climb mountains, or swim with sharks… you get the drift. You might be able to factor that in to the manager’s risk profile, or negotiate better key-man risk clauses, or hedge your investment, etc.

Current day technology makes this possible – by churning massive tomes of unstructured data to cull vital pieces of data, which when put together and run through a predictive analytics engine provides deep actionable insights! Endowment Tech Services (Endowment-Tech) is an end-to- end Information Technology (IT) services provider for Endowments, Foundations and related investment management firms only. We support Endowment and Foundations specific CRM, Investment Analytics, Risk, Performance, Valuation, Operations, Due Diligence and Reporting domain areas.

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